Cristóbal (Tola) Navarro is a Chilean contemporary artist.  He started painting as soon as he was able to pick up a brush.  He graduated with an Arquitectural degree at the University of Desarrollo in Santiago, Chile, where his studio is based.  Tola´s work deals with the importance of matter and the relevance of the materials he uses to express his main inspirations: color, arquitecture and technology.

Art for Tola, is inevitable. “I can not avoid what is in my stomach and urging to flow and get out”

He surprises with his work that is constantly challenging new forms, inspiring new structures, through innovative treatment of simple raw materials that he transforms with creativity.

The magic of his art is in his research. The search for expression through wood, paper, wire, cloth, ceramics… no matter what, he converts  into a work of art whose origin intrigues, whose expression surprises, whose development inspires.

He evokes a spirit in his work that feels like a simbiosis between what the material itself represents and what he does with that material, how he shapes the structure of the material exposing his essential ability to enhance it, never to hide it or transform it.  He plays with the tools to work over wood imagining territories ready to be built. He joins peaces of alambre creating architectural powered work of arts.  He sees through prisms colored horizons that throws on simple white paper, lisos o arrugados.

Based in Chile, Tola is a byproduct of the technological  age when kids unlocked life’s mysteries through the Internet. As a result of this prolonged screen time, he explores how the displacement of the light spectrum impacts color and repetition.

For Tola, his art is the liberty with no limits to use whatever technics are available, inspired in Frank Lloyd Wright— who utilized innumerable technics in his arquitectural expression, out of traditional structures, with unlimited liberty. My biggest goal is to get clear of all the academic training and to be able to make art freely, with the tools that work best,” he says.


Taller de anális de Obra – Matías Movillo — Santiago, Chile 2018
Uberbau_house – Residencia Investigación de Arte Contemporáneo – HEBEAS DATA V — Sao Paulo, Brasil 2018
Residencia Investigación de Arte Contemporáneo – Construcción Contingente, Curatoría Forense – Lima, Peru 2016 
Universidad del Desarrollo – Licenciado en Arquitectura 2010 
Universidad del Desarrollo – Minor en Historia del Arte. 2008 
Practica Profesional Cazu Zegers + Aira Arquitectos 2006 
Taller de pintura de Francisco Villalón 2004 
Santiago College – 2002 

Solo shows

Galeria Taller MAP – Diciembre 2019 – Doble Engaño
MAP 3.0 Mirador Barón Mayo 2018 – Exposición Individual “Territorios”
Sistemas Territoriales – Enero 2018 – Mall Plaza Los Dominicos, Stgo

Group shows

Concurso Arte Joven 2020– Galeria Artespacio
FAXXI Abril 2019 – Art Fair 
Artstgo Octubre 2019 – Feria de arte
“Residentes” Febrero 2019 – Galeria Taller MAP
Feria ARTSTGO Agosto 2018 – Feria Arte.
ARTWEEK STGO17 Noviembre 2017 – Feria Arte.
Feria BAZART UC Octubre 2017 – Feria Arte.
Agosto 2017 – Feria Arte.
Evento Internations Julio 2017 –
Colectivo – Hotel Rennaisance
Feria Featz-stgo Abril 2017 – Feria Arte y diseño
ExpoArteEmergente Marzo 2017 –
Galeria La puerta Azul – Colectivo
Dimensiones Octubre 2016 –
Galeria Fauna – Colectivo
Evento Internations Julio 2016 –
Hotel Rennaisance – Colectivo.
Naturalmente Simple Marzo 2016 –
Museo de Arte Colonial San Francisco 
Colectivo. Animales Geométricos Enero 2016 – Hotel The Hip 
El Tango 4 Septiembre 2015 – Espacio Siena – Colectivo.
No lo puedo evitar 28 agosto 2015 –
Galería Oops – Colectivo
Universidad del Desarrollo –
Patio central – 2009–2011
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo- Concurso
Embajada Brasil – 2007
Galería nuevas tendencias –
2003 – 2007